Cost of hair transplantation in the clinic Real Trans Hair is always calculated individually.

The price of hair transplantation is influenced by several factors:
The area of baldness and the number of grafts that need to be transplanted (the graft is a piece of skin containing 1-3 hair follicles);
Method of transplant that the patient chooses.

At the clinic Real Trans Hair Hair transplantyou can choose one of the 4 transplatologistsWho have great experience and only positive feedback about their work. When STRIP -Method of hair transplantation or the surgical method of hair restoration the cost of one hair will be lower than in the choice of "seamless" Hair Transplant Method FUE.

At the clinic Real Trans Hair Developed a flexible scale of discounts, which allows anyone wishing to restore hair in the most famous clinic in Russia, and get a lifetime guarantee of hair growth.

Nonresident patients can undergo Free online Consultation or call the phone number 8 (800) 700-40-68 (toll-free for all residents of the Russian Federation).

Whichever method of hair transplantation you choose, you should know that the surgery itself is a little traumatic and takes one day. Arriving in Moscow in the morning, you can return home in the evening. This is often used by those who are on duty to come to the capital: left only for a day in the city, they can solve the problem Hair loss Forever.

It is possible to issue a loan for the procedure through our partner Credit Europe Bank, details In here.

The cost of transplantation of eyebrows, eyelashes, sideburns is calculated also for each patient separately. The individual method of calculation is required and at transplantation of hair in scars, in this case experts of clinic recommend necessarily to visit consultation of the Doctor-Transplatologist.

Hair Transplant, prices

NAME OF SERVICEPrice for procedure. (Rub)
Initial comprehensive consultation and diagnosis of a transplant doctorFree
Triidling Advice2000
The cost of the procedure of hair transplantation in the eyebrow area, depending on the shapeFrom 120 000
Consultation Makeup Artist on the selection of eyebrow shape3 000
The cost of the procedure of hair transplantation in the area of moustache, beard, sideburnsFrom 150 000
The cost of the procedure of hair transplantation in the diagnosis androgenetic alopecia, the degree of baldness from 2 to 7 according to the classification of NorwoodFrom 180 000
The cost of the procedure of hair transplantation from the body or beardIndividual calculation