What is Anti age therapy?

The end of the XX century gave the person extra 25 years of life. This is primarily due to advances in medicine, such as the discovery of antibiotics, vaccines and the victory over infectious diseases, as well as the improvement of the social and economic well-being of the population. The average life expectancy in the 19th century was 30-32 years and has not changed since the Roman Empire.
The increase in life expectancy occurred so quickly that no individual, society or State structures were prepared for the new conditions of society. No man was prepared to live between the ages of 50 and 75 years. And only the last few decades, science is actively engaged in the processes of aging, their treatment and prevention.

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Anti-aging Therapy in Endocrinology

It is a treatment aimed at slowing down the aging processes of the body and preventing diseases that are developing as the age increases.
We distinguish physiological aging and premature. The peak of physiological possibilities and biological activity of man is reached at the age of 20-30 years. In subsequent years there is a progressive weakening of functions of the majority of organs and systems. If physiological aging is natural, then premature aging is a deviation from the normal course of events associated with the influence of external and internal factors.
Increase of adipose tissue, reduction of muscular and bone – natural result of organism aging. Even if the body weight does not increase as it ages, the fat content in it increases.

Doctor-endocrinologist Savvina Tatiana

Savvina Tatiana


and the body mass index remains stable by reducing the amount of muscle and bone tissue. If the fat mass increase occurs before the hereditary programmed time, in this case the biological age will be ahead of the calendar.

Obesity is a consequence of external and internal causes. External causes are not only surplus, but also not balanced in composition food.

Internal causes are changes in hormone levels. These processes take place also at physiological ageing, but increase in body fat weight on 4-5 kg leads to acceleration of hormonal infringements. Since adipose tissue is not just a storehouse of nutrients, it is a place of production of hormones and biologically active substances.

One of the theories of aging-endocrine: Hormone deficiency causes gradual death of cells of organs and tissues, thus violating the function of internal organs and metabolism in the body.

Manifestations of Aging:
Reducing the quality of life
Reduction of life motivation
Aging of the skin, disintegration of the muscular and bone tissue, pronounced weakness, decreased appetite-the body's shortness.

The task of anti-aging therapy is to maintain a hormonal background to prevent the death of organs and tissues cells in order to preserve the function of internal organs and metabolism.

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