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25 лет безупречной практики

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Наш опыт — 25 лет безупречной врачебной практики комплексного восстановления волос.
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Our achievement is over 16,000 happy patients. Isn't that a cause for trust?


Only RTH practices all 2 official hair transplant methods: STRIP- Method and FUE- Method.


With us, you can afford your own healthy hair for life.


Each of our patients receives a written guarantee for the growth of transplanted hair. The document has legal force.

Have an absentee surgeon's consultation in 5 minutes.

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Our doctors

В клинике Real Trans Hair работает коллектив единомышленников — профессионалов с многолетней безупречной практикой в области комплексного восстановления волос и здоровья кожи.

Legends are born when someone makes a breakthrough in an important cause and becomes the first.

So everywhere: space, sports, science, ballet, medicine.

In 1996, the group Real Trans Hair(Real Trans Hair) carried out the first hair transplant operation in Russia and actually started to create a market for such services in the country. At which today there are dozens of players and thousands of consumers. And it was not only a new service, but an offer of a new quality of life for many people who wanted to look aesthetic and attractive, to feel confident.

Then the RTH had tens of thousands of brilliant surgeries. And we could simply limit ourselves to the fact that the RTH turned out so well that the word "legend" did not seem to be an exaggeration.

But we went on a new breakthrough, engaged in trichology and cosmetology.
So todayReal Trans Hair, he's doing his hair "from and to". That is, their preservation and treatment from diseases, transplantation if necessary, hair and skin care after surgery.

So we took a new step forward in the market, which was announced not only by the favorite commercial "I won't tell you, bald, I won't tell you the phone", where people still received the cherished phone. But also a new formula, addressed to the widest consumer: "Address the RTH. And not one hair will fall off your head again!"

For someone, it sounds like a metaphor. It's a daily job for Real Trans Hairthat. And that's a job we'll try to do best. After all, the best is always the first. The second legend does not become a legend.

RTH Department of Surgery

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В новом здании начали свою работу следующие отделения:

  • пластическая хирургия
  • косметология
  • эндокринология
  • гинекология
  • проктология
  • функциональная диагностика (УЗИ, рентген, энтероскопия, маммография)

Запись по телефону: +7 (495) 933-88-88 доб. 2

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